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News from the Prevention Coordinator

What is a Prevention Coordinator?
A Prevention Coordinator has several roles. They are all about encouraging healthy lifestyles, choices and behaviors. They are described in the tabs on the side (pc/tablet) or bottom (phone) of this page.  
For all students: Please know you can always reach out to ask a question, whether it is related to vaping, smoking regular cigarettes, drinking, bullying e.g., or just to say "HI". You can email me at I am here for you!
Meanwhile, parents/guardians feel free to reach out (802-447-7541 ext 8711). 
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 We are looking for motivated 7th and 8th graders who want to make a difference in the MAUMS community! Do you care about healthy behaviors & choices and do you want to share this with others? If you'd like to find out what the YLG is all about please send an email to, or stop by my room (2207) when in-person school is back in session. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

CDC confirms concerning Trend in Youth Substance Use, especially Marijuana

NEW CDC Data Confirms Concerning Trends in Youth Use

(Alexandria, Va) - Today, (Aug 21 2020) new data from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBS), an annual survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Prevention (CDC) confirms concerning trends when it comes to substance abuse, especially marijuana use, in high school students.
Notably, the data finds that lifetime marijuana use is the number one risk factor for prescription opioid misuse.

From CDC report:
"Specifically, the high rates of co-occurring substance use, especially alcohol and marijuana use, among students currently misusing prescription opioids highlights the importance of prevention efforts that focus on general substance use risk and protective factors. Notably, these associations are not limited to high school students because binge drinking and marijuana use are associated with increased prescription opioid misuse among both adults and adolescents..."
According to the data, 21.7% of high schoolers report marijuana use and the most common substances used were alcohol and marijuana. 17.1% of 9th and tenth graders reported marijuana use while 26.6% of eleventh and twelfth graders reported marijuana use.

Furthermore, 43.5% of students who reported currently abusing prescription opioids also reported currently using marijuana.
While use rates of most drugs amongst high schoolers are dropping, marijuana use either remains steady or is increasing, according to the data. .

Coming soon:

Mount Anthony Union Middle School Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) results. 
For the state wide results:

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